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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What exactly are Beliefs?

I have read quite a bit about Beliefs, but the best analogy that I have seen is that Beliefs are like a program such as "Power Point" or "Excel" or "Word" on your computer.  If you want to make a presentation to a group of people you might use "Power Point" to create a slide deck in order to present information in a particular context.  Same for your life experience......Your perspective of an experience is derived from the beliefs you you process all the data of an incident or interaction with another person.......but the context in which you process the bits of information is determined by your beliefs.......Some data you completely miss because it is not congruent with your beliefs.

So your beliefs are housed in your minds......yep, all of them.  The conscious and the subconscious minds......or your consciousness......which is kind of analogous to an operating system like Windows, or the Apple OS which I am partial to........anyway, could there be another component to the belief system that is not always allowed to be in play?  I think so, and I think it's the heart........The heart knows truth, your truth.....with a clear mind and true heart, you access implicate order that David Bohm talks about(more on that later).  And how does your heart know truth?...... it knows by feeling.......and what is feeling?  It's thoughts and emotions combined that create the feeling.  

Feelings are the perception at the cellular level of the environment created by your thoughts and emotions.........from utter well being to utter despair.......the two main emotions out of which all other emotions are derived......Love and Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). Love is not better than Fear, its just different......rather than looking at them as good or bad.......look at them in the context of "working for you" or "not working for you".

Love is where growth and expansion come from.  Fear is where protection and contraction reside.  Which works best for you....well that depends on the situation and where you are....Duh!!! kind of a silly question!!!!!  I'll go with Love, but what is Love?  You are Love, the essence of who you, me and every other living thing love.

So how do your beliefs impact your knowing Love, or experiencing Love, or fearing Love?  How many people do you know that are afraid of Love......afraid that if they Love, they are bound to be hurt or have the heart broken?  Have you been afraid of having your heart broken?  I have and as you know, that was no fun at why go there, why even entertain the possibility that Love which is so nourishing and creative could be painful?

Well, could it be that the illusion of separateness and materialism caused it?  Ah, Yeah!!  So how do we overcome the illusions we live in?  See them for what they are for, Live with them, not in them........they provide you with the contrast that allows you to fully understand what you are capable of.......which of course is anything!!!!  It's your choice, is life happening to you or through you?

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