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Monday, April 14, 2008

Newtonian or Quantum.....Which are you operating in?

Do you believe that we live in a Universe that exists independently of us human beings, or do you believe that we live in a participatory Universe where consciousness is important and creative?  If all sentient beings were removed from the Universe, would it actually exist?  Kind of like the proverbial question, if a tree falls in a forest where nobody is, does it make a noise?  Noise is nothing more than a wave being perceived by our sense of hearing, and in that context, No, the tree falling did not make a noise.........but can the same be actually true for the Universe?

Well, I guess it comes down to what you believe!!  Again, imagine that!!  Do you believe that we are separate from everything (Newtonian) or that we are all connected (Quantum)?  I'm down with us and everything for that matter being connected, but I'm also working daily at re-writing my conditioned beliefs that we are all separate.  Think about how much of our experience, schooling, religions, society and our daily activities teach us that we are separate.   Just look at the way we treat each other, we are steeped in separatism.

Do you know that the brain does not have the ability to distinguish time.  In other words, the brain cannot discern between something it is actually perceiving through sight, or something you are imagining......the same parts of the brain are processing what you are seeing and what you are imagining.  So what does that mean to you?  Well, if the brain cannot distinguish time, then you can go into experiences of the past via your imagination, and change your perception of them.  

Let's say that you had a disagreement with a friend.  And the disagreement was in your perception so egregious that you stopped talking to this friend.  So you no longer have this friend in your experience and at times you miss them, but the disagreement was so severe that you just can't interact with this old friend, and rightly so, they were just awful in their behavior during the disagreement!!!  

Now look at the bold words from above.....the disagreement was in your perception so egregious.  What if you perception was wrong?  What if you changed your perception, which then changed your belief about the instance, which then changed the experience you had with this friend.  So go back to the actual disagreement in your imagination and replay as much of it as you can in your mind, with one exception, change how you perceive your friends intent, or change your intent from one of being hurt to one of understanding what may be causing the disagreement.......instead of the experience ending with harsh words, imagine that you tell your friend "Can we push the rewind button, because I'm not sure how we got to where we are right now & I care too much for our friendship to not work towards getting to at least a common ground understanding of where each of us is coming from?"  

In your imagination, work through the disagreement from Gratitude and Appreciation for the friendship and the friend and dialogue with them coming from this perspective and see what happens in your mind.  What was the end result?  Maybe you still disagree, but agree to disagree and not lose the friendship.....or maybe you both realize the disagreement came from your egoic selves and not your true selves.  Now think about how you feel about this person, do you miss them?  Do you want to call them?  Maybe they have moved away and you don't have contact with them, or maybe they have since died..........or maybe you call them and reconcile the difference and rekindle the friendship and it is stronger for having gone through the reconciliation.......regardless you have changed the way you feel about them and you have changed yourself......with or without contact with the friend.........and how good is that?

Try it out on something in your past that you want to change the way you feel about it.......because the way you feel about it, or perceive that it took place created a belief you are operating from.........and it may not be serving you, especially if the perception you have of that experience is wrong.  How do you know if it was wrong?  Think in terms of is how you feel about it working for you or not working for you? it holding you back or propelling you forward?  In other words is it coming from Love or Fear (false evidence appearing real)?  Remember that growth and expansion come from Love, protection and  contraction come from fear.  If it's fear, change it, change yourself and change the world!!!

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