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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm talking to you 1.1

I left off "Dumb Ass" so as not to offend anyone. Oops, there I went again.....oh well, if you were to be offended by that, you wouldn't be reading this....Do you believe that? Better yet, do you believe this?

When I was first awakening to my True Self some time back I had numerous experiences that at another time I would not have even noticed or would have written off as coincidence or as some airy faery stuff, or simply as "that was weird". The following is one of them and there is a reason for writing about this which I will come back to as I finish the post.

In the middle of the night, early morning actually, I awoke from dead sleep. I sleep like a rock, and rarely remember dreams, so waking up as I did was definitely a departure from my normal slumber. So I awoke, sat straight up and remember thinking "No, I am having too much fun and have too much to do" in a response to obviously something. It wasn't a voice, I didn't remember a dream but it was clear that I was responding to the question "are you ready to leave?" or "do you want to leave now?"

I remember that my response with my thought was so confident, and with no fear associated with answering the question that to me was clearly about life in this world. The physical world which we are in but not of. This experience did not freak me out in the least and although during this period of my life I was experiencing almost daily "weird" things, knowing that somebody or something had asked me if I was ready to check out of Toemaas' life was amongst the most palpable and "out of the norm" experiences I had had up that point. At any rate, I remember thinking that was interesting, laid back down and fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, went about my business and met one of my favorite people, Jeannette at Brewvies (a local movie theatre that serves food and Beer in a lounge or in the theatre) for a beer that evening. Jeannette is a very tapped in, kindred soul that was very open to listening to my stories, so I told her about waking up and "Knowing that I was asked the question about leaving. We talked about it over a few beers and then we left about midnight. I was getting on the freeway to head home and noticed a police car behind me, so I slowed from my normal blazing a trail speed to the speed limit. I wasn't drunk, but had consumed a few beers so I was just being careful.

As I entered the freeway, the police car passed me and I just jumped in behind him in the middle lane. It was a week night and there were few cars on the freeway that late, but in the distance I saw headlights on our side of the median. I assumed it was an emergency vehicle up ahead.

At this point, things seemed to happen almost as if I was watching a Movie in slow motion. I noticed a Honda Accord pass me in the fast lane and thought, they obviously don't see the police car in front of me, but surely they will see the headlights of the emergency vehicle. All is progressing along in front of me, and I remember thinking the police car must not see the headlights, because he's not even slowing down or pulling over. And then I realized the Honda that passed me didn't see the headlights either and smashed head on into the headlights, no breaks, no swerve, just smashed right into it. Literally 50 yards in front of me.

The Honda began spinning across the freeway between my Jeep and the police car. As I slowed down I looked at the car that was hit by the Honda and it was obvious nobody survived as you couldn't even make out what make or model car it was. Again, this seemed to be in slow motion, and as I moved my attention from the smashed car to the other side of the freeway where the Honda had ended up, the Police car was pulling over and there were two people, a young man and a woman standing on the passenger side of the Honda looking toward me and the other car. I remember thinking they must be in shock, looked a little pale and the man had blood coming from his nose. Then I thought it odd, how they were just standing there and then it hit me "How in the world did they survive the impact let alone got out of the car so quick?"

It seemed like minutes for this to play out, but it was only seconds and cars were pulling over and I remember thinking "just keep going, there is nothing you can do and the police saw the whole thing", so I drove home. I remember thinking "what the hell just happened right in front of me?". Then clear as day, I remembered the question I answered the night before, and the thought dropped into my head out of nowhere, that could have been me.

The next morning I called Jeannette and told her the story and how I realized that my waking up the night before and confidently answering the question I didn't hear but knew I had been asked, changed the circumstances and changed the time I leave this physical world. Looking back and knowing what I know now, much of what I learned from Jeannette, that confident answer was an intention for my future. And our intentions very much effect our future, Thank You.

Ready for this, turns out there were three people in the Honda, but nobody survived and all were killed instantly. So who were the two people I saw standing next to the car on the freeway? Ghosts? Did I see dead people? Who cares!! Do you believe I changed the time of my transition with one thought? Let me tell you, "I believe it!!!", and I also believe the whole "head on car crash" scene right before me was my Higher Self telling me that is exactly what happened.

Be deliberate in your thinking? Ah yeah, or be sloppy, its a choice you make every moment of everyday. As Mike Dooley says, "Choose Wisely". This is not to say that "every" ( but some are) thought is a life and death thought.....don't be silly, but it is to say that you get "what you are" and "what you are" is your thoughts!! So why not be deliberate? Your deliberate about what you eat, who your friends are, what kind of car you drive, be more deliberate about what you think.

Oh, on a side note, I met a woman shorty after this incident that is an intuitive. We were talking over tea and I related the above story to her and she smiled and said "You know, We have five distinct points in time where we can choose to leave the physical world". Do you believe that? "Choose", "Choose", Choose"......We choose every aspect of our life with what we think, Think well!

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