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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Less is More......Efficiency redux

Less is more!! The Tao Teh Ching talks about "effortless effort" which is like water flowing in a stream, or clouds floating in the sky, or rain falling from the clouds. There is no effort in natural phenomena like these, they just happen as they should when they should. Same with inspiration, it does not come from trying to be inspired, it just happens. Innovation, same don't decide to be innovative and work hard at comes from nowhere, or "now here".

The Universe is efficient, Source is efficient, and you are an extension or Source or the Universe, so you are efficient. That is when you are aligned with your True Self. Your true SELF knows that less is more, because your true SELF knows how efficient Source or the Universe is. Ask and it will be given, knock and the door shall open, give and you shall receive, are not just biblical parables, they reflect Jesus' understanding of Source or G.O.D. Efficiency without effort.

Somebody asked me the other day what I meant about deliberate creating and use of intentions for creating your life. The conversation boiled down to how intentions wittingly and unwittingly are in play always with the Universe's efficiency. And intentions are what you take to be real, what you believe. I gave the person the example, when you order something online, say it's a new pair of boots or some jewelry, you know you have it, but you haven't received it in the mail yet, but you know it's yours. You might even call a good friend and say "guess what I got?" with the conviction that you have it, even though it may be in a warehouse on the east coast, two thousand miles from you. You take it to be real that the boots are yours even though you don't possess them.

Everything you have a desire to have or be already exists. If you have it or not is solely up to the version of you that you choose to be. Are you the version that believes you can have it or the version that believes it is impossible to have it. Are you the You that takes it to be real that you already have the thing you desire (like having the boots you bought online but have yet to receive)? One of my favorite stories is about a start up movie producer that was asked where she would get the money to fund a huge project that she wanted to produce. Without hesitation, she replied "wherever it is right now!". She was the version of herself that knew she would complete the project without knowing how things would fall into place. She had bought it on line and was just waiting for it to be delivered.

This Is why I emphasize that we get what we are are, and not necessarily what we want. What version of your SELF are you? Infinite potential working with the efficiency of the Universe or finite potential working hard for what you have. By the way, these two opposites are just another way of saying in alignment and out of alignment or allowing and resisting. Get it? It's that simple, it really is.

Less is more simply means that getting what you want has nothing to do with work. It means aligning and allowing the Universe, Source or G.O.D. to say yes to you. It means when action is taken from alignment, it is inspired action that results in efficient seemingly effortless results. And how good is efficient, effortless and the results you want? Delicious!!!

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  1. I couldn't agree more! Your last paragraph in particular sums it up well.

    Nice post!