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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day.....Mya, Happy Birthday!

Got up early this morning after having one of the best Sundays of all time. Sent one of my best friends a early Happy birthday/Valentines day wish and decided to blog. No preconceived notion about what the entry would be, which is normally the case, so let's see where this goes.

I'm a big fan of Anderson Cooper. I love his unbiased approach to reporting the current events happening around the globe. Great stories of human nature and some of our greatest lapses in judgement. At any rate, I got a tweet from him saying that an interview he did with Lady Gaga was going to air on 60 Minutes last night, so I tuned in.

I had heard of Gaga, but knew nothing about her, but was pleasantly surprised by her. Intelligent, attractive, talented and she has a great message. Her appearance changes with almost every public sighting if not daily, very extravagant and very deliberate. Her message is to be yourself, even if you are a "freak" in the eyes of others, "we are all superstars" and should realize that stardom by being ourselves. She is living that! And now she has a new fan.

I can get behind that!!! We are all Superstars. Being your true self is where it's at, its the answer to every question or problem we will ever have. Genius or superstardom as Gaga says is innate, it's who we are, yet is sometimes very difficult to access. Why? Well, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we have become numb to what we are. We are spiritual beings having a human incarnation. From spirit all things are possible, all things that are for the betterment of us as a collective. From spirit there are no problems. From spirit is Pure Positive Love and there are no problems in Love.

From spirit we know we are all connected, we are all one. You know that, right? But we don't always act in ways that are congruent with that knowledge. Because as we are not deliberate in our thoughts and actions we slip back into the idea that we are separate and on our own and life can be a struggle. We lose connection and the comfort of our divine selves.

Take a deep slow breath and then slowly exhale. I'll bet you were not worried about being able to take that breath. You didn't have the thought, if everyone takes a breath, will there be enough for me. You expected to breathe in life without a second thought. Why do we not expect the same with prosperity or joy or relationship. Why indeed? When you expect these things just as you expect your breathing to naturally take place, you will have them the same way you have breath.

So how do you achieve this change in what you take to be real. Change your thoughts! It's that simple. What you believe is what you think about what you have been told, what you have observed and what you think. Beliefs are nothing more than chronic thoughts. If you are not getting what you want from life, change your thoughts, reincarnate a new version of you by changing your thoughts. Life is always aligning with you and is not discerning on what is in your best interest, life is inclusive and responds to your thoughts and feelings about those thoughts. This is free will, and you have the will to think as you want.

I heard Abraham talking about about diabetes the other day and the analogy of checking your blood sugar levels to see if you need to eat or take insulin to normalize your blood sugar levels. You should check your thoughts everyday, and if they are not supportive thoughts that serve you, take action and change them, even if it is just to quite your mind for five minutes. Even if you just change your current thought pattern to the thought that "I am a divine being, tapped into all that is, and right now, more than anything, the most important thing I can do is bask in the Love that I am, knowing that as I do this more and more the easier it is to do so whenever I desire. And, as I bask in the Love that I am, life aligns with me, and I understand that I allow infinite potential to create my desires and that is the only effort I ever need to make. The effort is always only to be deliberate in my thoughts and feelings".

The next time you feel out of alignment, contemplate the above thought over a few times. And just sit with it and observe the change in how you feel. Be the Love you are and change what you are. Become the clarity that Love is and act on that clarity, that is where action that is aligned with divinity comes from. That is You that is in this world but not of it. That is your Superstar!!!! Happy V day, Gaga!!!

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