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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being thoughtful today....

How much of your day do you spend in action or re-action with little to no thought about what it is your doing at that moment? You know, when your doing something and while doing that thing your thinking about something else. Our lives can be hectic and having the ability to do multiple things at once can be helpful. It can also be detrimental, especially if your not devoting enough deliberate thought to the outcome you desire.

"You get what you are and not necessarily what you want"
"You see things as you are, not necessarily as they actually are" Anais Nin
"You tend to see the things you are looking for"

At the basis of each of these premises is that if you are not deliberate in being thoughtful you will likely not create your desired outcome. Being thoughtful means being open and curious to me and when we do this, we allow. When we are open and curious we allow what serves us to be recognized. More important is that the more we spend time in this mode of being open and curious, the easier it is to accomplish and the less time we spend in unconscious activity.

By the way, this is a great way to rewrite subconscious beliefs that do not serve you. Think of your subconscious as nothing more than a record and playback device. How does it record? Through your observations, experiences, perceptions and conditioning. It is not discerning or value based, it just records and plays back. Think about when a person first learns to drive a stick shift automobile. At first, they either stall the car by letting the clutch out too fast or they race the engine while not letting the clutch out at all. But through practice, fairly quickly, they learn to accomplish very smooth transitions when taking off and eventually can perform perfectly without a conscious thought about what they are doing. Thats the subconscious mind.

So, what about subconscious beliefs that don't serve you? Well, they are in play just like the ability to drive a stick shift car without even thinking about it. They are on auto pilot and without thought they are creating the "What" that you are and preventing you from getting what you "Want" in "We get what we are and not what we want". Make sense? So, how do you know what beliefs you have that are not serving you? Look at what is consistently showing up as your life.

Invariably when I work with someone that is not happy with something in their life, and it's usually one of three things; Relationship, Money or their Job. The belief comes down to a variation of "what happens in my life experience determines my happiness". About half the people say "Ah yeah" and the other half say they don't believe that to be the case. Either way, Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing confirms that this is a belief held in the subconscious or not.

Now if the person holds this belief, what condition does this create for the individual? Well, we get what we are and with this belief your happiness is dictated by your life experience.....which is kind of a victim mentality. It's certainly not empowering. So we rewrite the belief to something more empowering that resonates with the person that puts them in control of how they feel as opposed to being at the whim of external circumstances.

So if what is consistently showing up in your life is not what you want, explore what might be causing that by being thoughtful and see what comes to you. Be open and curious and see what inspiration comes. The more you do this the more in tune you become with what you are and change can manifest. Or you can reach out and expedite the process by working with someone that understands how the subconscious works and that it can in fact be rewritten in a matter of minutes. Think about having an autopilot that creates success and joy in every aspect of life. How would that be? Delicious! thats how.

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