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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parallel Realities....easier to grasp than Universes

But really the same. Think about this, We know the universe is expanding and as far as we can determine is infinite, and (not in a narcissistic way) you are in the center of your Universe, right? I am in the center of mine and the protesters in Liberation square in Cairo are in the center of theirs. It's all perspective.

So what perspective are you coming from? Some people don't even think about the perspective that they are operating from. Take religion. That topic in itself will peak a range of reactions. Christians have a different perspective of God than Muslims. Then within the "Christian" faiths there are different perspectives, Lutheran, Catholic, LDS and myriad others as well. Is one right and the others wrong? Well, most religions will tell you yes.

My personal opinion is right and wrong just don't matter and definitely don't serve you. What does matter is how you feel about your perspective or your beliefs. To me, the litmus test for anything is how you feel about something as opposed to what you think. Thinking can be conditioned, feeling on the other hand comes from the heart. And the feeling I am talking about is not emotion. The feeling I am talking about is LOVE. Love is in this world but not of it. Love is who you are, I've said that many times because its true.

"Love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the wolrd"
Pierre Theihard de Chardin

Pierre Theihard de Chardin was a Jesuit theologian that s fascinating to read and ponder some of his theories. The above quote is very true and really the basis behind one of my driving values which is "Self Awareness". Where is love? It's within us and without the curiosity of who we are and where we come from and what we are doing here we do not fully leverage the energy of LOVE. "If we do not go within, We go without" Christ said that and I believe what he meant was that if we do not look inward to ourselves we get lost in the illusion of the outer world. And what happens then is life happens to us as opposed to us living our life.

Another favorite teacher of mine, Neville Goddard said, "Nothing comes from without, all things come from within". The within is us, not the personality incarnated as Toemaas, but the ineffable essence manifested as a physical being. That essence is always with us, we can't separate from it, but we can choose not to allow it to be with us....which is the "going without" that Christ spoke of when we "do not go within".

When we do not go within, we find our selves in myriad different venues of resistance. War, illness, pain, jealousy, vengeance, greed, fear and any other negative places result from not understanding who we truly are. If we go within, understand that Love is who we are, what problems exist? If Hosni Mubarak went within, realized that we are all connected, would he be defiant right now. Would he be demanding to be honored as the leader he believes he is? On the home front, If Wall Street bankers had gone within, would they have sold toxic assets to their clients while at the same time selling these assets short? No, of course not.

Now, some people will say what I am talking about is Utopia, but in reality it will never happen. That is one perspective, however knowing what I know and how it feels, in reality we are accelerating our transformation to understanding the energy of LOVE. As Chardin said, "One day we will harness the power of Love" and as we do, our whole perspective will change! For now, enjoy the ride......I AM!!!

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