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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Every shot has a purpose! Ben Hogan

One of Mr. Hogan's thoughts on course management was that the tee shot was the most important shot. Before hitting the tee shot you should know where the pin was cut on the green so that you could hit your approach shot from the right angle or the one that would give you the best opportunity to get the ball closest to the hole. If that meant hitting a fade or a draw, that was the shot you hit, and if you were not very good at hitting a fade, that is what you needed to work on at the range.

His whole approach was playing the game the right way with a very deliberate approach to mastering every facet of the game. And as you do this and then pull off the exact shot that the situation called for, the enjoyment was incredible. The enjoyment does not come from the actual shot though, the enjoyment comes from the work put in preparing yourself to pull off the shot. And then the feeling experienced can be reclaimed the next time you are faced with executing a particular shot. "You get what you are", and what you are is the feeling you have deliberately created.

Mr. Hogan's approach to the game of golf can and should be applied to Life. Every thought has a purpose. Before you have an interaction with somebody, know what thoughts and feelings are going to allow you to have a mutually benefiting interaction. It's obvious, you can't force anyone to do anything they don't want to do, but you can influence them. How do you want to influence them? With fear? With benefits or solutions? With Love? What feels better? Do that, always.

Think about this. 95% of the day is spent coming from your subconscious very much like an autopilot in an airplane. It functions very well, that's what allows you to get lost in a day dream or deep thought while driving your car. The challenge comes when your operating from your subconscious and having an interaction with another person. Without being deliberate in how you want that interaction to be, you re-act behavior that you have acted out in the past in similar situations, and re-acting is anything but deliberate. Its actually a pretty sloppy or haphazardly way to be.

Start being deliberate about three interactions you have a day. Maybe even identify these three interactions first thing in the morning and maybe even write them down. A really great exercise that I have people do is identify a person that is really annoying to them, and be deliberately polite and cordial to them with the next opportunity, just to notice the difference in themselves and the other person. It's very telling, as people tend to mirror back to you what you offer them. The funny thing is watching them change from their normal re-action to who they think you will be to this new cordial and polite you.

Try it! The more you are deliberate in your thinking, the easier it becomes and it begins becoming your autopilot mode because you are changing your subconscious thinking. Your belief is that by being deliberate with your thoughts, you get what you are.....which is true!! And the beauty of this is that you begin changing other peoples experience and the collective begins to change. And all you had to do was be responsible for your thinking, and in doing so you made a positive difference for those you interact with. Now, how good is that?

Before you tee off, know where the pin is cut on the green, in other words, before you speak or act, determine what feeling will allow for the best outcome. You really can change the world with how you think and feel, but don't take my word for it, try it and appreciate the enjoyment of a well executed life!!

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