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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How powerful are beliefs? Ridculously, seriously powerful

One of my many favorite things to do is help people re-write beliefs that are not serving them in a beneficial way.......or change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. This is done in the sub conscious mind and its done energetically, after all your thoughts or beliefs are nothing more then energy. Of course, everything is nothing more than energy. You know that right? If not, that's a whole other post or two. So how powerful are beliefs? Well, they determine your life experience.

Through working with people, it became apparent that in the vast majority of instances, people with "allergies" had no allergy as the term is commonly used. Turns out the symptoms of the "allergy" were resistance associated with beliefs that the individual had with another person, most commonly a relative. What I mean by resistance is bad thoughts or negative thoughts about the person.

Okay, here is where it starts to get a little outside most peoples grasp of reality, but if your reading this, you should be fine. I use muscle testing to determine if a belief is held by an individual. In other words, I test for a strong muscle response to a statement made by a person to see if that statement is congruent with their sub conscious mind. If the muscle response is strong, they believe the statement at the sub conscious level, if not they don't. This technique can be used to communicate with the persons Higher Self (Super Coscious Mind) with the intent of helping the individual grow.

Using a dialogue of questions, we can determine not only what the "allergy" is from but if it is a person. For instance, the first question I always ask is, "are the allergic symptoms environmental?", then test for a strong or weak response. If the muscle response is weak, the next question is "are the allergic symptoms due to feelings about a person?". If the muscle response is strong, then I ask if it is a family member and so on. Once the person is identified, the same process is used to identify the issue and then we re-write the belief. The physical manifestation of the false, limiting belief is immediately alleviated.

The same can be done for anything, such as phobias, with immediate change. I have done it with my son for test anxiety and the beauty of this is that because it is at the sub conscious level, the person won't even notice the difference, they just act differently and afterward might notice that their behavior was different.

Sounds like woo woo, unbelievable stuff? I work with people that don't believe this can be done, people steeped in Darwinian physics yet once they experience the shift they believe. How powerful is the mind? People with multiple personality disorder have physical changes take place as they shift from one personality to another. Their eye color changes, one patient that burned themselves with cigareetes as one personality actually had their scars disappear and reappear as they changed personalities. Hard to believe? This was observed at Harvard Medical School....don't believe me? Check it out, you would be surprised at was is actually fact that you don't believe.

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