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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I AM in control of the creation of my life, and it originates, as it always has, from who I decide I AM right now

Do you believe that? Getting what you want out of life, essentially comes down to making the choice of reincarnating a new version of YOU. A YOU that believes in infinite potential brought into manifestation through YOU. A YOU that is tapped into all that is, that is capable of anything you put your thoughts to. But I'm talking about deliberate thinking not haphazard mental activity. Creative thinking, intuition, in-spirit-ation, deliberate thinking.

Thomas Edison developed a process for coming up with solutions for problems during which he actually allowed the how of inventing the light bulb to come to him. He would sit quietly with his eyes closed and clear his thinking with only the question or problem that he wanted to resolve in his mind. And he would just sit, being still until a thought came to him. Sometimes the thought was the answer, sometimes the thought was enough to spark further thinking that the solution arose out of. When he did his, he held a rock in one hand so that if he fell asleep, the rock dropping from his hand would wake him when it hit the floor.

A good friend asked me what exactly I meant by "We get what we are and not what we want". Well, it basically means that what we get is what we think, what we believe, because that is what we are. Her next question was, "So, how do I get rid of negative thoughts that don't serve me well?". You don't get rid of them, you just replace them with thoughts that do serve you well. If you have negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts. You tend to think more thoughts like you are already thinking, and this has a biological effect on you as well. Your thoughts trigger the emotions you feel, and your emotions are felt through the release of nueropeptides that are released from your brain and dock on the cells or your body. That's how you experience the palpable feeling of love, fear, joy, hopelessness and every other emotion you experience.

In essence you become addicted to your thoughts through your emotions, and yes I do mean addicted, the neuropeptides dock on your cells the same way opiates do. You can research it, google "Molecules of emotion". Just one way this manifests is people that accept physical abuse in relationships, gravitate to and push the buttons of their abusers until they get abused. Think about it, abuse victims don't stay in relationships with nice, caring people. They push buttons of the other person until they snap and abuse them or the victim leaves because the "snap" never takes place in their partner. This is not say that abuse is acceptable or the real victim is the abuser being victimized by the "victim". Everybody is responsible for everything that happens to them, good or bad. The responsibility lays with the thoughts you choose, and I do mean choose. Having sloppy haphazard thoughts is still a choice.

A great exercise to see how your thoughts have you is to watch your thoughts. How do you watch your thoughts? The easiest way is to use the time you spend commuting to and from work to just observe your thoughts and the key is to just observe, don't judge or try to stop them, just be curious and observe the constant stream of thoughts you have. From wondering if you will make the next traffic light, to wondering why the driver in front of you in the fast lane is only going 55 MPH, to what does the teenager in the car next to you think when he looks in the mirror and sees all the piercings on his face. Now, think of the emotions associated with each of your thoughts. Do they serve you? Are they harmful to you? Maybe, maybe not, but you are experiencing them, even if only momentarily.

If the majority of your thoughts are not positive, what kind of state do you think your body is in the majority of the time? Where do you think physical maladies come from? Yep the state of your body as determined by your emotions as determined by your thoughts. 95% of the human population is genetically perfect, yet 95% of males that live to the age of 80 will develop prostate cancer. It's environmental, but not the outside environment, it's the internal environment of the individual. Same is true for a culture of villagers in Russia, where living to be 100 years old is the norm, and the majority of the adult population smokes non filtered cigarettes. The culture is that elders are held in high esteem and valued as the wise souls that they what kind of state is their body in from their emotions experienced from their thinking? Positive and nurturing.

You get what you are, and what you are is what you think. At the essence of who you are is pure positive Love. Be the Love you are. There are no problems with Love because Love is expansive, inclusive and where growth comes from. You are in control of the life you create, because you are in control of what you think.....but you need to choose to be. The common theme of every Master throughout time was this truth, your thoughts create. Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, all taught this principle. And they also taught that they are no different from you or I, except in how we may think. Create what you want by creating the way of thinking that manifests what you desire.

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