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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alignment 1.0

I was doing some research for a project that I am working on and I always put myself in a very curious and almost naive state when I want to gain a new insight. I do this so that I am not confined by my previous thought constructs about the topic. Some of the most amazing ideas or concepts just pop into my mind when I do this.

Yesterday, an idea about getting aligned popped into my head while in this curious state. Using "Method Acting" as an analogy for getting back into alignment when you catch your self out of alignment. Method actors try to put themselves in the emotional state they think they're character would be in to accomplish the most accurate portrayal of the scene they are doing. So if the character is grieving, they try to put themselves in the state of grieving in order to be more convincing.

Getting into alignment is just like "Method Acting" in that you want to get into the state of your true self. For me that is being connected with the flow of the universe where there are no problems, a state of acceptance and pure Love and I can do this in many ways. I can write like I do in this blog, or I can get curious like I do when I am researching, or I can think about someone that I have a deep connection with and i begin to feel that state of connection. It is delicious.

Getting into alignment, the how of getting into alignment is very much an individual thing, but using "Method Acting" as an analogy can help you facilitate and understand the process. Use it, it's the most important thing you can do for yourself or anyone else you directly and indirectly interact with. It's also the process of experiencing the Love that you are, the Love that is your essence.

From your True Self, all things are possible, and the divine you makes manifest what is divine and expansive allowing for growth and progression. If your more comfortable with miracles, your True Self makes manifest miracles in very much the same way all the great masters or avatars have throughout history. You and I are no different than any of them, other than the way in which we think. Think about it, you undoubtedly have had a moments of epiphany or genious that defied your normal thinking, and from that moment you were never the same. Well, unless you rationalized what that moment was and don't revisit it again.

For me, an experience I had that changed me was laying in bed one night being frustrated about a relationship. I remember thinking "what the freak?", what am I missing? Is it me? Is it my thinking? I was at my wits end and literally at a point of surrender. Then my mind became quite, not through a conscious effort, it just happened. My mind went from all these thoughts just racing through my mind building upon each other, to just calm quiet.

I have no idea what the timing was, but in the black blank screen that was in front of my mind's eye I began seeing a violet mist that gradually became more dense and vivid. It was swirling with no pattern or shape and I was enjoying the experience, it was very calming. Then at one point at the bottom of the mist the point at which the black and the mist met, it began taking a distinct shape. It began moving up and to the left very deliberately until it approached the top of my minds eye screen, then moved to the right dipping down a little then back up and to the right, then moved down and toward the beginning point. It's hard to articulate in words, but from the time it began taking shape, I knew what it was. The shape was a heart and defined by the violet mist in the middle and the black surrounding it.

I just observed it and my entire body became calm, it was palpable like nothing I have ever felt. Then the mist began gaining "Energy" and began turning white almost like a train's headlight coming at me inside a tunnel. Then, bam, it just burst upon me and immersed me completely in the light. The calm sensation turned to what I sensed as a confidence. A confidence like I had never even come close to feeling. I just rested in that feeling for I have no idea how long and then I woke up the next morning.

Some months later, I was in a week long leadership class at the University of Michigan business school, and the professor teaching the class, Robert Quinn was talking about moments that lend toward defining who we are and asked for any personal experiences. My hand just rose almost without my control. So here I was sitting in a business school class about to talk about a mystical experience I had with a room full of strangers. Not something I would normally do, but I just jumped right into the story and I was talking to him, I never looked at anyone else. He listened very intently and when I finished, he asked me what it meant to me. Up until that moment, I really never thought about what the experience meant to me, my thoughts were only that it was a really trippy enjoyable experience like nothing I had ever experienced.

Without hesitatiion, I answered his question of what it meant to me with "be the love you are, experience the love you are and everything else will fall into place". I distinctly remember looking at him calmly without any reservation about making that statement in a business school classroom, and he smiled and simply said, "Beautiful". Later at lunch he sat down with me and said he appreciated that I was willing to share the story in front of everyone. I told him that it almost felt like it wasn't me, I felt compelled to share it. He told me that moments like that are the most gratifying to him as a professor, because it touches the person at a very deep level that too often students miss.

Flying home I pondered the light experience, the palpable feeling I experienced and then the classroom experience. Looking back I was in that curious and naive state and it was like these clarifying thoughts were just dropping into my head, the essence of which is we all have the ability to tap into our divine True Selves and access all creativity, wisdom and intelligence that exists when we are deliberate in our thinking. We are all connected and not seperate from each other. Our beliefs and thoughts are the only separation that exists.

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