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Friday, July 23, 2010

Your Job....To Know Yourself

How do you not know yourself? Someone asked me that recently, and followed saying, "of course you know yourself, you can't get away from yourself". In a sense that is true, but a very limited sense. Most everyone for most of the time we spend are playing small, very small. And if that is true, and it is, then think about the axiom that we get what we are, not what we want! If your playing small, that's what you get!

So how do you know yourself? Simple, not easy! The next time you feel frustrated or anxious, see if you can just observe your thoughts. Be curious about it, not about what you think is causing the's not about that. Just start being curious with your thoughts about what happened. It's never the event, it's your thoughts about the event.....and your thoughts about previous events that condition you to react as similar situations come to your experience. Key word in that last sentence, "come". Those situations or events or people don't just randomly appear, you create them from your bring them to you or you attract them into your experience.........because you get what you are.

Reaction as opposed to Creation.......or haphazard sloppy thinking as opposed to deliberate thinking. Reacting to something said to you or an experience you had or even your own thoughts is nothing more than you coming from your beliefs about the way things are, your model of reality......and you re-act the same behaviors that you always do when faced with similar situations from your past. So, if you can catch yourself going down that slippery slope of reacting in a way that does not serve you, coming from auto pilot.....if you can catch yourself and stop and get curious about it. Maybe you even say to yourself, "that's interesting" and then ask yourself "What if it were different?" "What if my reaction were different?" and you don't have to work to find the answer, because you have the answer. Just ask the question and see what comes.

This is important to understand. Your thoughts collapse the infinite potential into a very defined small model of what is, that's why we experience similar situations over and over, and that is creation, but not creativity. In the above paragraph, when I said you don't have to work to find the answer.....that is big, because if your mindset or intention or belief is that you need to find the answer, what your thoughts have created is the scenario that the answer is not at have created the scenario that an answer is not with you......and you get what you are.....someone without the answer. But when you ask "What if it were different?" or "What if I was different?" you are creating an opening for the infinite alternatives of "different" to drop in and change the situation in a heart beat. Try it!

Fear is the root of all perceptions that do not serve you! Fear of getting hurt leads to what? Yep, getting hurt, because you collapse the infinite possibilities of love to a model that allows you to only experience "hurt". Sometimes it is gradual, like in a relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, all is well, fear is not in play, because the pleasure and newness of the other person is in play, but as time goes by, and the relationship becomes a part of your "normal" routine, fear begins to creep in and affect your thinking, begins to collapse the infinite possibilities of what could be to a small model of "what if's", you know what if this happens, or what if he/she is not who they say they are, or what if they are fooling around.....and invariably either the other person meets those expectations or you just think and believe that they are and Bam, your fears become real and you are hurt.

It's never about the other person or situation, it's always about you! And what your thoughts are about the person or do you want to be sloppy and haphazard, or deliberate. Align with life and life will align with you, and Life is progressive and expansive, not protective and up to the infinite potential of life and get excited to see what might come or better yet, what you might become.

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