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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Morphic Fields

Someone asked me what a Morphic field is the other day. The Biologist Rupert Sheldrake developed the term out of his research on animals and nature. You have likely seen flocks of birds that move in unison or schools of fish that all move in the same direction at the same time. Some people might say they have really good reactions, but in most cases, there is no reaction time, they are connected and "know" when and how to move in unison. The place of their "knowing" is a morphic field. They are connected in consciousness and at a quantum level.

Sheldrake did studies with animals to see if they could sense when their owners were coming home, and sure enough the animals knew before the owner arrived at home, sometimes as much as ten minutes before the human arrived at home, the dog or cat of the house would behave distinctly different. The animal was entangled in a morphic field of the owner and animal, and "knew" when the owner was on their way home.

Actors get into the morphic field of the characters they are playing, Heath Ledger got so deep into the morphic field of "The Joker" he struggled getting out. What is the Morphic filed of a comic character like the Joker? Well, it's every comic, movie and even conversation that includes that character. Even thoughts for that matter. Ideas, thoughts, emotions, concepts, are nothing more than energy as is everything, and they exist before someone has them and they exist forever after someone has them. Linearity or time based perspective does not exist at their level, they have always been and always will be. And we can tap into them at any time we decide or choose to.

There is a morphic field for fear, confidence, even stupidity.....that's a big one!! There is a morphic field for Jesus Christ, actually many of them. The biggest one is the Jesus from the Bible, as the chosen son of God, sent as the savior for all the sinful humans, ugh!!! And as unappealing as that one is, people steep themselves in ti and for them it is their truth. Persoanlly I prefer the Morphic field of Jeshua Ben David, the mystic that was no different than you or I that tapped into God consciousness and taught others to do the same. For me he was the master of Metanoia, not perfect nor flawed, just growing to become more of who he already is.

Ervin Laszlo, the scientist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee says that "things in the real world are not entirely separate from each other. Not only are they linked by flows of energy, but they are also linked by flows of information.". We are all connected through morphic fields, think about when you walk in a room, and you can sense something is not right, or you can sense something less than a. Good vibe. That's you tapping into the field of that room and generally the people in it. Think about it, you know you have done that.

When you read a book for the first time, you get what you get out of it, but invariably the next time you read it, you get something in addition to what you got the first time you read it. What you got the second time was there the first time you read it, but you weren't ready to get it, or maybe more accurately, you weren't open to it. What happened is that while reading it the first time, you became entangled in the morphic field of the book, the author, the research, the potential, and your model of how things are changed, maybe just slightly, but it changed. Then upon reading it the second time, Bam!! Something you were not previously open to made so much sense and you can almost feel it. I read books over and over at different times and almost always get some new insights.

What's really fun is when faced with a challenge or dilemma is to get quiet, get still, and let something come to you, many times it will be an impulse to pitch up a particular book off the shelf open it up to a "random" page chosen by inspiration and Bam!! Just the insight I needed to resolve the challenge. Really what happens is that I open up to a different way of thinking that provides better clarity.

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  1. thank you, this was a very interesting look at things. Thanks for posting.