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Saturday, July 24, 2010

In the stillness beyond our beliefs everything is known!!

Love Byron Katie, who wrote the title to this post!!! So true, when we get past what we believe, all is known, because beliefs collapse the infinite to finite. Knowing this is liberating and allows us when we choose to know all that we need to know in any given moment. Allow the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the Universe to align with you and just see what happens. No expectation, no preconceived notion, just see what happens!!

Our true self, our higher self, our divine self, whatever you want to call it, is always on board for flowing with the Universe. When you have that high vibe feeling that anything is possible, pure love and positive energy, your allowing, anything short of that is an indication of resistance. Your either allowing or resisting your true self and when you allow, that is when the miraculous happens, life aligns with you and all is well.

When you resist, ugh!! Not so much fun!! Everyone spends time there, it's not necessarily a bad thing unless you pitch a tent and make it home. Michael Beckwith tells a funny story about people steeped in victim hood and how everyone travels through the valley of death and darkness except victims, they set up camp and call it home!! Anyway, it's not a bad thing because resistance if looked at in the right light allows you to better know what you do want and enjoy it when you attain it. You enjoy what you have when you know what it's like not having it. As a divine eternal being of pure positive energy and love, it's hard to appreciate what you are without knowing what it's like not being that. Make sense?

The point is, we vacillate between resistance and allowance, its very much like the cycles of life, and if we are deliberate and observe our thoughts from a curious position, we can fully leverage the allowing times, and actually us the resisting times as a platform for our next experience in exercising our creativity. Not an exercise in creating, and exercise in creativity. Resistance is creating, just not what is aligned with our true selves, creativity is divine and expansive and progressive and nurtures that high vibe we have all experienced at times. By becoming creative, we deliberately move ourselves into that state of being......and if your ready for this, we begin ascending to a higher dimension that the great sages and mystics have all experienced. 4th and 5th dimensions are spaces we have ventured to at times, some more than others, some deliberately, some without a clue as to what happened.

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