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Monday, July 12, 2010

Metanoia...changing of the mind

Metanoia comes from two Greek words, meta and noia. Meta means after or beyond, as in transformation, as in metamorphosis. Think about the the transformation that a caterpillar makes when it turns into the butterfly, not just a change, a complete transformation. Noia loosely translates to meaning, and I use it in terms of meaning for being.

So I use metanoia to mean a transformation of being, or vision of being. In tune with the question, "what if it were different.". We are in the process of metanoia, a transformation in the way of being. Moving from a paradigm of lack and struggle for accumulation to well being in knowing we are infinitely abundant. Aery fairy stuff? Well it is what you believe.

In our normal daily lives, our experience is shaped, check that, our experience is determined by the sum of our beliefs, or what we take to be real. And how do we know what those beliefs are that shape our experience? Look what consistently shows up, and it's never bad, it is what it is. But if it's not meeting your desires or creating the inner feeling or condition of well being, it's up to you to change it. So is it what you want?

Ah, the million dollar question, "What do you want?". That one question creates more challenges than any other thought form, because we don't get what we want, we get what we are. This is where metanoia can be miraculous. Transforming your very being to be in alignment with life, be in love with life.....and life aligns with you. What happens when life aligns with you being in alignment with it? What comes to you provides that inner condition of bliss or grace.

Life. What is life? Ponder the meaning! Growth, Expansion, Progress, Consciousness, Energy, all that is? What is the Universe? Growth, Expansio, Progress, Consciousness, Energy, All that is? What is source or G.O.D. (grand organizing design)? What is Love? Yeah, I think so!! So, how big a stretch is it to "Know" that when you are aligned with life, you are aligned with source, you are life, you are Love, you are Devine?

And, when you are Love, Life, Source, what do you get? Who cares!!! But it is pretty freakin awesome!!

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