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Friday, July 16, 2010

Growing versus Doing

If life is expansive and progressive, and it is, then it involves growing and learning. Take work, or career for instance, you may even have a career path, corporations like those and they call it growth in the sense that you get promoted. You do your job, you perform better than your peers and you get promoted.......growth, right? Not necessarily!!!

The growth I am talking about is becoming more of who you already are at the essence of who you are, aligned with the divine spirit that is eternal and in this world but not of it. Think of it this way, people go to work or a job for what? To earn money in most cases, some people go to work to earn money and even make a difference. But for most people, work is a means to an end, the money to survive and buy the things that are necessary for "living" like food, shelter, clothing, and to varying degrees the luxuries we desire. The work that they do is the function of their job, be it an office worker, a waitress, even the President of the United States.

The work should be you!!! Yes, YOU!! Everyday, ask yourself, "How did I grow today?" "How am I different" "What did I learn about myself today".....when you answer those questions, that is growth!! That is expansion, and as you expand growing from your heart not your head, because those questions are from the heart, the Universe expands with you and aligns with you. You are part of the Universe and when you drop down into your heart, you merge with all that is, and you can feel it when you do. You know that high vibe, anything is possible feeling. That's our natural state of being

So why don't we spend more time there in that feeling? Why indeed!!! Sloppy haphazard thinking, that's it. Pretty simple, huh? Most people associate thinking as the thoughts you have at any given moment, but that's really just mental activity, the mind processing observations based upon your past experiences and beliefs, judgements and models for how things are. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that is a bad thing, it just does not serve our true selves, our essence in growing unless we look at it as an opportunity for growth. It is what it is, and that sloppy thinking is contributing to everything you see, everything began as a thought, and then the thought was acted upon.

By being deliberate in our thinking, becoming what we want, being curious and excited to see what will come next is where transformation happens, Metanoia, or a change in vision of being, that's being deliberate. That is what I see Meister Ekhart as meaning when he said "Let god be god through me". Don't you just love that? If you can't reconcile being an extension of God, use Universe, or source or Tao, or any other word that means the divine. You are a divine being, eternal and in this world but clearly not of it.

It's a process, it's life, live it!! Become more of who you have always been by making yourself your work, your job is you, what you do everyday is just the canvas from which you create yourself. So, what will you become today? What will you learn about yourself? How will you be different tomorrow because of your thoughts (not mental activity) today? How was the Universe the Universe though you?

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