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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Success and Failure

Success is created (yes created) through the completion of a few small disciplines that add up over time to produce outcomes that otherwise you could never have dreamed were possible. These small habits are so simple and easy that most people think that they won't make a difference and so they don't act upon them, they don't do them.

Failure is nothing more than the outcome of the consistent neglect of a few simple habits that over time create (yes create) the feeling that something can't be achieved.

So what are these disciplines that over time produce what most people only dream about? Well, my belief is, they are the way you think! How do you think about your life, your job, your family, your relationships, and the most important mode of thought is the ones you have about you. So in the first paragraph when I said people don't act on them or they don't do them, what I mean is they don't have their thoughts, their thoughts have them. David Bohm said that and he was right. Most of the time our thoughts have us, rather than us thinking the way we want to.

When you allow your thoughts to run without check, you are a victim to yourself, to your ego or small self. You create the life you live by the story your thoughts tell. So do you want your story to be small or that word, giant and enormous combined. I love made up words!

Play BIG!!! That's our purpose, not to play small and bounce around like a pinball that's direction is determined by the bouncers it is thrown into. Choose through your deliberate choice of your thoughts what you experience, your doing it anyway. Choosing not to be deliberate is still a choice and it's infectious, the more you choose to be sloppy in your thinking, the more sloppy thoughts you have. Consciousness, the Universe is inclusive, not exclusionary, so the more of one line of thinking you have the more of that line of thinking you have or create.

The Good News is that the more deliberate your thinking is, the more deliberate thinking becomes a discipline, small and huge at the same time. You can be, do or have anything you want, Abe is good to remind us of that and truth be told you are, do and have everything you want based upon your don't get what you want, you get what you are, and what you are is your thoughts, and the feelings derived from those thoughts. So are you getting what you are? Yep, every time!! Can't escape that truth, and think GOD, otherwise we would be the pinball just bouncing around.

Sometimes it's easiest to be deliberate in your thinking by changing your perspective. You know, like asking yourself "if today were the last day of my life, what would I like to experience?". Another good one to ask is "in one sentence, how would most people that know me describe me?". The ultimate perspective changer for me is "When I leave this physical experience, have I contributed in meaningful way to all that is?".

No regrets, knowing that perfect is what we are at our essence, be in this and every moment what you want!! The difference is being in the state of what you want through your thoughts rather than being in a state of wanting. You and I don't need anything, we have it all!! And where is it? Right where it is right now, we just need to allow the where to be us. Sounds like a play on words because it is, words can't describe the infinite, because words are finite. You are not, you are eternal, infinite Love and wisdom here to be creative. Be deliberate in what you get by being deliberate in what you are. Be ridiculously and unreasonably deliberate in what you are, Life and the living.

Christ said "let the dead bury the dead, I haven't the time". What he meant was be expansive in your thoughts, live big, ginormous, that is life, living small is being dead!! His lessons were living life without limits, without limiting thoughts. His lesson was to be not want. The "miracles" he performed were him allowing those that were healed to be healed rather than wanting to be healed. Think about it, the lame that walked after interacting with him, did so because he told them to get up and walk. They believed and got up and walked. What Christ did was facilitated a change in their being, their perspective.

So be what you want and have it, pretty simple!! Be success by being deliberate in expansive deliberate thinking which will cause you to be successful in what you think. Make it the discipline you practice everyday!!!

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