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Monday, August 2, 2010

What model is your life operating in?

Model of life? Yes, Model! Everyone has several that are in play at different times depending on where you are in your thinking. Auto pilot or working from your subconscious and the beliefs that reside there is much more powerful than most people give it credit for being. Then there is deliberate consciousness which is where you question or are curious about what could be. And at times varying widely from person to person, there is the super conscious that we allow to guide us in doing things our subconscious is conditioned not to believe are possible.

One of my mentors uses the following story to demonstrate the difference in models or modes of thinking (or life). An anthropologist was working in Africa with a Pygmy aboriginal tribe of people. On a walk in the bush, he comes across the tribe's leader with his right foot raised up on a fallen elephant. The leader not much more than five feet tall was proud of his trophy. The anthropologist asked the leader, "how did you bring down the elephant?". The leader said proudly, "With my club!" to which the anthropologist asked, "how big is your club?". The village leader replied "About 300 members".

Most people think in the context of that story that a club is a big stick or tree branch used to hit the elephant, as opposed to the entire village working in numbers to down the giant. That is because of the model we operate within, which is based upon an accumulative sum of all our past experiences that make up what reality is for us. Some people may call it a paradigm. But in truth, at the quantum level which makes up everything that exists materially, that model of beliefs collapses the infinite into the finite, in other words, it reduces what could be to exactly what we believe things to be. What we take to be real.

Now many things that we take to be real, or some of the components of the model we operate in do not serve us in accomplishing what we desire. Luckily desire is not creative, willingness is. You can have all the desire in the world to have whatever, you can want it more than anything in the world, and not achieve it. But if your willing to become the person that can have what you desire, it will be yours. You don't get what you want, you get what you are.

One of the most common desires that people talk with me about is more money. They usually phrase the issue with one of the following statements, "I'm in debt and want to be debt free" or "if I could just increase my income by X amount, I would be set" or "I want to have enough money to not think about if I can buy something". Each of these statements has a belief embedded in the basis of the statement that is not supportive of the desire, a contradiction or counter intention that overrides the desire. I never try to imply the limiting non supportive belief is wrong or bad, resisting it will only reinforce it. What I try to do is get the person to see it in a different way, looking at as either reasonable or unreasonable.

Take the last statement, "I don't want to have to think about if I can buy something", implies that they have the money to buy it, but believe they shouldn't or at least they need to think about whether they should. Now there are myriad reasons that this belief may be taken to be real, but at the root of it is a belief that the source of their income may end or is limited. And is that reasonable just based upon how long they have been generating that income? The amount of their income, be it $20,000.00 or $2,000,000.00 a year is not the point, it's the stream of income and the fact that they may have worked in several different jobs earning that stream, but here they are, with a stream of income.

Think about the planet, is there a shortage of water, is there a shortage of plants, or animals, or sand on the beach? Is there a shortage of bacteria to digest the oil in the gulf and within a nanosecond relative to the age of the planet restore the ecosystem back to healthy? Don't think so!!! The universe is abundant and expanding every second, How about you?

My point in this post is to question your thoughts as being reasonable in light of being the divine being you are, or are they unreasonable. Limiting Beliefs in and of themselves are not bad, they just don't serve us when we take them to be real. Something not working out for you? Question your thinking, do you have a contradiction in what belief you are operating from and what your desires are? If so, change your model by working with that contradiction or belief and see what can be different......what can be different is always you!!! Always, so choose the you that serves your desires.

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