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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Negative thoughts and how to leverage them

Everyone has them, but how can you leverage them. Use them for what they are there for. They identify for you what you don't want, which allows you to better know what you do want. Be curious about them, don't judge them, don't banish them or beat yourself up for having curious about them. What I mean by curious is this, be open!! Open to what might be, or what might come next after having these thoughts.

Many times when someone finds themselves at a point of transition or transformation in their life, there is a tendency to look back and judge their past, like "how did I ever get involved with that person" or "I feel like I have wasted so much time" or "what have I really accomplished?". It's easy to do this, but those thoughts in that context don't serve us or moving forward into the future and what might be, they can actually have the opposite effect and allow the future to be a similar repeat of the past. Being curious about these types of thoughts creates an open door for inspiration.....or "in spirit". Changing them just slightly to "what was the meaning of me getting involved with that person?", or "what have I learned from my time being involved with that person?" allows for insight into who we truly are and who we are becoming.

Life is a process of progression or it is not, the choice is always ours. Life is progressive, expansive and ever changing and we facilitate the becoming more of who we have always been by being open, loving and curious......being excited about what we may become, what insights we will have, what we will create next. Be progressive, not stagnant. It's never about the other person, the job or the situation, it's always about how we think about the other person, the job or the situation. And how we think is always our choice. Choose progressive curious and loving thoughts, and you will have more of them.

And when you have judgmental or negative thoughts, embrace them as an opportunity to explore the contrast that they provide for you. I like to tell myself when I catch myself in the middle of a negative thought, "that's interesting, I wonder what that means?". It never fails to deliver me a new and curious way of seeing things, which generally leads me to a more expansive and positive perspective of the situation. And isn't that what we want at the end of the day, and expansive, progressive and loving state of being?

Yeah, I think the Love that you are, embrace those negative thoughts as an opportunity to expand your thinking by being curious and open to what you may become for having had them and then transforming them to what you do want as opposed to what you don't want!!

Every moment of everyday is an opportunity for you to become the greatest vision you have yet to have for yourself, or it isn't, make it so!!

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