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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We don't get what we want, we get what we are!!!

I've written about this often and the most common question I get about this statement (fact really) is "how do you know What you are?". That's easy, what's showing up in your experience.

First things first, do you believe you can have, do or be anything you decide on? You can you know! Do you take full responsibility for every bit of your experience? That's a tough one and we are conditioned not to, which is our stumbling point. Your thoughts, beliefs and the feelings derived from those thoughts and beliefs are what you are. It comes down to quantum mechanics.

Take your body for example, you have this human body that is made up of trillions of cells, which are made up of atoms, which are made up of sub atomic particles like bosons, leptons, and bunch other weird names. These sub atomic particles are not really particles like a grain of sand, as a matter of fact humanity does not have the technology to even see what they look like. The only way scientists know they exist is by the trails that they leave, the only evidence we can identify that they exist. And at that level, time and space are not in play.

These quantum entities are probabilities of potential, without limit. How they become a particular potential is when they are acted upon, measured, observed, and affected by consciousness.....yours and mine. When they're acted upon or affected by our consciousness (thoughts, feelings and emotions) they collapse into matter based upon our model of what is real. Wave forms collapse into particle matter.

So what you get is based upon the internal state of what you want. If you want to lose weight, conventional wisdom is to reduce the number of calories that take in under what your daily activities burn. This works as long as you do it and your beliefs support your actions. For most people, they have beliefs that are not congruent with this approach, which is why so much of our population is overweight. These beliefs are unique to the individual but can be reduced to......eating less food is not comfortable and exercise is entirely too much work! But, what if it were different? What if the food you ate was viewed as fuel that your body collaborates with perfectly and provides your body with just the right nutrition and energy, and what if exercise was viewed as energizing and beneficial in endless ways that provides you with the ability to do whatever you can dream. What difference do those two different sets of beliefs have on the quantum potentials that make up your physical form?

What if it were different? Love that question! Ask that question about anything in your experience that you would like to change, and see what comes to mind, practice this and pretty soon you become the difference through your oughts, feelings and emotions and that is exactly what you get!

Here is a practical application. A smoker wants to stop smoking. They ask the question "what if it were different, what if I didn't smoke?". Thoughts come to mind like, I would have more spending money, My clothes would always smell fresh, I could feel the energy when I use the full capacity of my lungs, I would exercise with my increased lung capacity, I would stay at the restaurant table with my friends after dinner, etc, etc. You get the point,your thinking changes, which changes the way you feel and the emotions you experience which affects and collapses into reality the condition of being a non smoker.

Same for drinking, drugs, whatever you want different. It's all about beliefs, and how do you know what your beliefs are? Look at what is consistently showing up.......and if your not satisfied, choose different!

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