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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What you believe, your ego works to prove to be true

There is always a lot of debate about the ego being good or bad, right or wrong, but it is neither. It just is, and it functions perfectly for the purpose that it exists. The ego has one purpose and that is to bring to fruition what your beliefs are. It acts based upon your beliefs. This is why self awareness is so important and the core of the mantra "we get what we are and not necessarily what we want". What we are is what we believe. And the basis for "If you do not go within, you go without", which essentially means if you do not look at your thoughts, beliefs and the feelings derived from them, you go without your divine eternal right of being in complete and deliberate control of your experience.

Life happens to the individual that does not take responsibility for their thoughts. Or at least that is the illusion, but in fact they are creating their experience based upon the beliefs that they are holding and in most cases doing so unwittingly. I was talking to someone the other day and they asked if I had any thoughts on a strategy for getting ahead in his economy and specifically getting out of debt in this economy. I asked them what they meant by "this economy"? They responded with a touch of frustration "the down economy, the worst economy we have seen in our lifetimes!". I assured them that I just wanted to understand what they meant by the phrase. I asked them if they were worried about losing their job. "Not necessarily, but you never know these days". So I turned the conversation to their beliefs.

This individual unwittingly was giving authority to "the economy" as something that could affect they're life experience. And the economy isn't even a tangible or physical thing, it's merely a construct of their beliefs as conditioned by the media, their upbringing, and past experiences. Now some people will say, but it's true, one out of ten people is out of work. I'm not disputing the fact that the economy isn't the robust economy it was in 2006, but that economy wasn't robust, it was a house of cards, but people believed it was a robust healthy economy. Now most people believe it's a "tough economy", and how does that belief cause them to act or feel? Does that cause resistance or alignment?

One of my favorite quotes of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas is (and I'm paraphrasing), "let the dead bury the dead, I haven't the time". He wasn't talking about actual dead people, he was talking about the past. The dead was the past, and he didn't have time for the past, it was gone. He taught to align with life, move with life and life will align with you. (If you want, and it makes you feel better, just substitute God for life in the last sentence.) It comes down to your thinking, do you want to dwell in the past or be in the now and move forward? Are you adding to life or subtracting from life? Are you expanding life as the Love you are or are you contracting from fear?

"This economy"? Where is that coming from? Fear or Love? Contraction or growth? I asked the person I was having the conversation about the economy about how it felt when they said "This Economy"? "Not good, kind of uncertain about what will happen next" was they're reply. Why would you afford authority over how you feel and experience life to anything other than yourself? Why indeed? Be deliberate in your thinking, and if what your thinking does not feel good, change your thinking. Seriously, or you just might be creating "This Economy". Yikes!!! You don't want to be responsible for that, do you?

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