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Monday, September 8, 2008

What is your potential?

When I ask that question, for the most part the response I get is "What I am capable of....or the performance level I am able to attain".  So, I then ask, "what it is it you are capable of?" which I get two responses, 1.  I'm not really sure.  and  2.  A very specific, defined outcome.

The second response is much better than the first with respect to actually achieving or creating something, but the interesting thing is that the defined specific outcome is generally woefully short of the person's true potential.  So, I usually ask the person, do you believe that you can be, do or have anything you want......and the vast majority answer with a yes.....and a BUT!!!  So in essence, they don't really believe that they can be, do or have anything........but why?

Because of a belief that we are separate individuals made of flesh and bone, an individual personality......oh and an ego!!!  This is who I am, because everything else is clearly different and separate from me.  And in my desire to be liked, loved and accepted, I adapt to the perceived expectations of who and what are in "my life"........and we use words like life as a noun, as a thing or place.....which creates a perspective of being; "My Life" and "Your Life".

What if you WERE Life?  You! Me, and everything else for that matter!!  We are not our bodies, or our personalities, or our EGO's, or our material accumulations.  We are Life force, Spirit, Source Energy manifested in the physical world of matter.  And where did matter come from?  From us, from our ultimate state of consciousness......actually words are not able to accurately describe our essence, but we know tap into it every time you listen to your intuition, or you are inspired from the heart.  And you move away from it every time you operate from the EGO and judge or fear something.

IT is how a mother can lift a two ton car to save her child.  IT, YOU is in this world, but not of it!!!  It's what Jesus taught, that life force, source, spirit, or God is within you, me and every one of us, not to mention everything.  

This is exactly what this Blog is about......using every moment as a moment to re-create or reconnect or tap into your true essence and divine spirit.........going way past any contrived labels from this physical; christian, muslim, catholic, atheist or agnostic.  

Try this to reiterate to yourself that you are much more than the "You" we operate as most of the time.  Think about something that brings you a sense of Joy, or utter enjoyment!!  Maybe it's a two month old baby smiling, maybe its a five year old giggling uncontrollably, or maybe its squirrel's in the yard.  Maybe it's strangers on the street smiling at you as you pass each other.......whatever it is, think about it and get into the feeling it brings you when you experience this thing for you........try to experience this feeling for a minute or maybe two, then smile and release it.......go about you daily activities...........and watch not only how quickly that thing comes into your experience, but how often.........and realize that YOU, just showed YOU what you what your potential is.........INFINITE!!!!

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