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Monday, March 30, 2009

Becoming the version of you that enables...

Becoming the "Version" of you that enables you to create your desires. The version that influences life in ways that support you in your endeavors. Whenever I go down this path of discussion, the most common question I get is "So, How many versions of our self are there?" which is a great question.

Since relationships are a common topic of conversation with those I work with, let's start with that. When one wants the perfect relationship, I always ask "Are you willing to be half of that perfect relationship?" and "of course" is usually the standard response. But once we start dialogue around what that means, it becomes clear the individual has not fully considered the payoff and the price of having the perfect relationship. And there is always both! Without exception.  For some the price is opening up and being vulnerable......yes that is very hard to do for many people, including you!!!  And, until you do open up and make yourself vulnerable, how can you be part of the perfect relationship?  How can you receive the payoff of that perfect relationship.......What you want always demands something from you, so are you willing to be the version of you that will provide what is expected?

How many versions of your Self?.....infinite, but you always get to choose.  At any given time one might be in the Victim version of them self.  They did this to me!  Would you just stop bothering me!  Why is this always happening to me?  

Then one might become a deliberate creator and manifest stuff through their thoughts, feelings and intentions (beliefs).  And as long as things are turning out in a way that makes the individual happy, all is good.......but the minute something happens that is not in accord with the individuals desires, they revert back to the victim and make a statement like....."I didn't create that!!"

Then there are times when an individual gets to a state of allowing and divinity comes through them, things happen in perfect synchronicity and the reaction is either "that is so weird" or "that is so awesome".  

Then there are times when an individual is so tapped in to how things are, that divinity manifests as them.  Yes, As them, not through them but as them.......some might call this Christ consciousness or God consciousness.  Words cannot describe the experience.

Ponder this for a moment.  What version of the collective consciousness did the global economic crisis come out of?  Yep, Victim.......Fear, Greed, Separateness, Lack.  What is the price of Victimhood?  In my mind, it is contradiction of what we truly are, or disconnection from what we truly are.  Pure positive Love, Wisdom, Intelligence.......Creativity!!!!  What is the payoff of Victimhood?  The never ending denial of who we are.......and the payoff is for the Ego, not our True Self.  The good news is that an exit strategy from Victimhood is always just one thought away.  

"What bad thing Happens if?" is a very powerful and clarifying question to internalize.  For instance, "What Bad thing Happens if I open up and trust fully and completely the person I am embarking on a relationship with?"  Notice, I didn't ask what bad thing Might happen, or Could happen.....It's always present tense, "What bad thing Happens"........and the answer is always the same........Nothing!  What bad thing comes from you being authentic and genuine in this moment?  Nothing!!!

Now if you have been hurt or betrayed in the past by opening up and being vulnerable, that will be hard to get your hands around Nothing bad happens right now.  I'm not disputing that this thing happened to you, but I am asking how long do you plan to carry it around with you.  Look at from a contrast standpoint......what happened in the past is what makes what you will have in the future so sweet.  The price and payoff!!!

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