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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alignment......What do you mean?

Somebody asked me recently what being in alignment actually means. They said "Define what you mean by being in alignment."

My response was "Being in love with being Alive.......just that, not being in love with your Job, or your bank account or even your significant other. It's being in love with being alive!!"

There is a reason why the United States ranked 26th on a list of countries based upon how "Happy" people are.......26th!!!! And the number one country, the country that in general people are the most "Happy" was Nigeria............Nigeria!!! Not the country you think of when thinking of prosperity or abundance.

How is it that the United States is 26th? Because we have been conditioned to think that satisfaction is derived from material gain and accumulation. Being in Love with being Alive? What a Pollyanna attitude......."I have to get it while I can" and "look at what happened to my portfolio the last two years!!" Ugh!! 26th is probably higher than you could expect.

Outside circumstances are temporal, fleeting and we all know to think that our enjoyment of Life is based upon these external things is Crazy!!! One minute your someones guardian angel, soul mate or the "one that completes them".......and in a split second you have totally let them down!!!

Don't be attached to an outcome!! Rarely will that outcome reach you!! And why is that? Because you can't will anything to happen, you can't hope for it to happen (and it happen), and you definitely can't force anything to happen..........You can Allow life to happen and be in love with it...........and No, that does not mean sticking your head in the sand or checking out from society..........Good Lord, get a grip!!!

So what does it mean to "Allow".........Get out of your own way!!! Rely on your intuition or your True Self, the "I am-ness" that is always available. From that You (your Soul), information from the Non-local or infinite potential realm has a self supportive directive quality as opposed to information based on the very limited historical local you. We have all experienced it based upon our openness to it. Unfortunately, most people either recognize it as their "Gut" telling them something but do not follow its direction only to later say "I knew I shouldn't have done that, I knew it!!" or they relegate it to "That was so weird!!!" rather than, "That was freaking awesome!!!"

The next time you get frustrated or "someone let's you down!!"........Stop in your tracks and contemplate the fact that you are standing on a planet that is spinning at thousands of miles an hour in orbit of a Sun in perfect alignment with 7 (apparently Pluto is no longer considered a planety) other planets at the precise distance to sustain Life. You are standing on a planet of abundant species, beauty and growth that has been around for Billions of years. You are part of a Universe that is self fulfilling.......surely as part of that Universe, You could be in Love with every minute aspect of life and not have your day ruined by what someone else did or did not do!!!

Or we could trudge along adapting to the whims of other people and a world that is against us and not for us. Yuck!!!

Anything can happen.
You can't make it happen.
You Allow it to happen.
And, If you allow it to happen in order to make it happen, It won't happen.

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