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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Practical Application

I was chatting with a good friend the other day and she asked, so how do you apply this philosophy of re-creating yourself every moment........."How do you Tom, make as many moments as you can, the moment you re-create yourself in the greatest vision you have ever had of yourself.....Release the talents that are the essence of who you are and see what you are truly capable of!!! Tell me how you do this?"

This is what I told her. "I am more deliberate about watching my thoughts than anything else I do. Not to the extent that I can't function, but I watch where my thoughts are coming from, just to be in tune with them.....after all your thoughts create your reality. So, as my day progresses, invariably something will happen that causes me to react with thoughts that are less than positive. For instance, It's been awhile, but I used to every so often get like a 9 minute voice mail from my oldest Son's mom. These VM's are ridiculous and usually she is making some ridiculous demand for money. Anyway, very often my initial thought reaction would be something like this, 'Would you just go away!!!' and I could feel the angst building.......but I would stop, and change my thoughts to, 'this is just another opportunity for me to be deliberate and choose my thoughts and feelings. Being frustrated does not serve me in any beneficial way, and even though I am not obligated to pay her any money for what she is demanding, I'm so glad I have the resources to be able to pay her and it not even phase me.'

And literally, just like that I released the initial frustration and was back to my normal good place. Sometimes I would think without any specific attachment to anything, but I would think about what I might have going on internally that would bring her lashing out at me into my experience........Sometimes I would realize I had been judgmental about someone or something, which just gave me more perspective on how reacting without deliberate discernment of how my thoughts would create my experience was sloppy creating on my part.

So, essentially by watching my thoughts and spending so much time in a good place, the things that are in vibrational resonance with where I am internally are the things that come into my experience........Like my Son moving in with me, and which leaves his Mom with no reason to call and leave long VM's for's just not in resonance with where I am. Make sense?

If you will just allow it, the Universe, All that is, your higher Self, will conspire on your behalf in the most enjoyable but unexpected ways!!!!! And how much fun is that? Pretty Freakin' fun!!!

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