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Monday, May 12, 2008

When the Student is ready, The teacher will appear!!!

No doubt, you have heard this phrase before......but what does it mean for you?  

When the Student is ready, The Teacher will appear!! 

Appear is the key word meaning that the teacher is and always has been here.  The teacher is you, it's your True self that is infinitely connected with all that is, and when you are ready, it then appears.......and who knows how it will appear!!!!.  A chance meeting with an old acquaintance, a book, a song, a traumatic event......the possibilities are infinite.  That can be quite troubling to discern what to take from something that at the outset seems nothing but an unfortunate set of circumstances........but that's also the good news, you can, if you choose, determine what the teaching is to be taken from the situation or experience........the key is allowing it to appear.

You are eternally connected with source, all that is, the Universe, G.O.D.........we just have to choose to tap into it......choose to remember that we live in a participatory universe in which life is suppose to be easy, and it is our responsibility to open up to the possibilities.  Heraclitus wrote;

"There is only one wisdom; to recognize the intelligence that steers all things."

This universal intelligence is what connects us all, it is what permeates our bodies and allows all 70 trillion cells that make up our body to simultaneously function in unison, it is what allows our intuition to stop us from doing something that will not serve us, it is what delivers a creative solution to a nagging is US......You , Me and everything.........It is what you go without, if you do not go within.

so how do you allow the teacher to appear, turn off auto pilot, stop being busy doing stuff or thinking about stuff........and spend 10 or 15 minutes just being........just being!!........after all you are a Human Being.......not a Human Doing!!!


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