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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inner wisdom.....always there!!!

It's been awhile since my last post, been doing some inner work that is wonderful and perplexing at the same time. Eldon Taylor has some great books, and his latest is titled "What Does That Mean?". I use that question frequently being careful not to get obsessive with the question but just to ponder whatever it is that I am questioning. It's most useful when something does not go as I had planned, or with parenting or with co-parenting with one of my best friends, or when I realize I am inspired to do something that I thought about but have not acted on. And the question always, if I allow it to, brings me in awareness of my inner wisdom. Brings me in alignment with my higher self and the answer always comes. Much like creative writing where you just write without any pre thought about what it is you are writing and the result is insight into something in your current thought patterns. Have you ever done that? Try it!

Take for instance, de-cluttering your home or office. When you have been inspired to do this what does it mean? For some people it might mean getting clarity around a situation. For others it might mean simplifying things is a wise thing to do right now. For me it has to do with energy, the energy of stuff and I have been all of a sudden focussed on the energy of my home. It's time, for the past four years I have been focussed on the energy of my thoughts and what they create. Not a bad thing, it's been one the best things I have ever embarked upon and life has improved immensely. What has a happened is that other facets of my life have changed or been put on the back burner, like relationship, my physical fitness that was a very big part of my daily life.

So what does that mean? Well, for me what that means is that getting a working understanding of how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (they are all interconnected) create your experience was that important for me to get a grasp of. Important for moving forward and growing, not just for me but everyone that I have interactions with. How do I know? I can tell by how I feel? How I feel in my heart as opposed to my head. That's the inner wisdom.

Now all of a sudden, eating right as nourishment and becoming active again with weight training, riding my bicycle, hiking, and even yoga are becoming part of my thinking. For instance just this morning the thought popped into my head, "today I am going to eat nourishing foods, there is always tomorrow for non nourishing foods". How easy is it to eat for a day nourishing foods and stay away from unbalanced foods? Easy! And tomorrow, the same thing. And probably on the weekend, I'll have some chicken wings or a greasy cheese burger with my son.

The point with this post is two fold. On one hand it's about listening to your inner wisdom which is always available to you and the second is that when you have inspired thoughts, run with them, because as with any thought, they are attractive and will attract more of the inspiring thoughts that will serve you the most. Thoughts are nothing more than energy, and like attracts like. When you are inspired by your thoughts, act on them, you are having them for a reason. The opposite is true, when you have thoughts but are not inspired to act by them, don't act!!! Seriously, do NOT act on uninspiring won't serve you.

Something you can do when having uninspiring thoughts is ask the question, "What does that mean?" or "What if it were different?" and then let it go and see what comes to you......if you allow (by not getting fixated on the thoughts) inspiring thoughts will come. We are divine ineffable beings here for expansion not contraction to make manifest anything we want to have, be or do.....including the manifestation that comes from uninspired thoughts because ultimately those move life toward inspired manifestations (through the contrast they create), but why go through that when you can spend so much more time in inspired manifestations. Be deliberate in your thinking, the cycles of life will take you out of alignment, that's part of the process. Everybody walks through the valley of death and darkness at some point, so just walk out, don't pitch a tent there and call it know some peeps that do that, you know you do.......don't be one of them.

Today, I eat for nourishment, there is always tomorrow for greasy cheese burgers and fries. That reminds me of a sign I saw in a bar and grill recently. It read, "Free Beer, Tomorrow Only". All you have is today, which is all you need and it's so much better when you create your today with inspired thoughts as opposed to uninspired or haphazard thoughts.

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