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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of my favorite Stories about getting what we are!!

Recreating yourself can at times seem to be spontaneous, but regardless of your perspective, be it deliberate or not, it is life changing. Here is a story from a mentor of mine at School. He had a student that was in an abusive relationship, with her recieving the verbal, emotional and physical abuse from her husband.

This particular event took place one evening. She and her husband were a young married couple that shared a car, she was running late finishing up an interview she was doing and was unable to contact her husband to let him know. She knew he would be upset with her and when she came out of her office and found that he was not there, she knew he left her and would be irate (so she was choosing her internal state based on a perception she had of their relationship). Sure enough, when she arrived home, he was waiting for her with a leather belt in his hand, and began yelling at her which led to him hitting her as he had so often done. She went into feeling victimized as she normally did in his attacks.

This time was different though, aside from the extremity of the attack, she went within rather than having a focus on the physical experience, and something literally in her words "clicked". Based on what I know about Beliefs, it was a shift in the energy of beliefs that she was holding, she changed her perspective. She said that time slowed down in relation to her thoughts, and she heard a voice inside her clearly say to her, "You know he's crazy, but you must be crazy too for putting up with this." And in that moment of realization she was transformed from a victim of an abusive husband to a woman who had choices. She said at that moment, even though she did not know how she would accomplish it financially or emotionally, that she would leave the relationship.

She said that she never said a word to him or even tried to defend herself, but at that very moment the most amazing thing happened. He stopped hitting her, he stopped screaming at her and simply walked away. The two, never spoke of the incident, and he never raised a hand to her again. She related that to her, at that moment she took personal responsibility for her well being and had changed at a deep fundamental level. Shortly after the incident, she moved out and the two divorced........and in her words, she had changed the world by changing herself.

This is a powerful example of vibrational resonance. Her internal state changed in an instance because of the shift in energy associated with the change in her Beliefs about her situation. Her internal state is what caused her ex-husband to immediately stop his actions, the two (her internal state & his) were no longer in resonance..............she changed from expecting him to be irate and abusive to a state of being in control of her life..............the sense that time slowed down relative to her thoughts was a mental shift which was a result of the energy associated with her old beliefs changing to the energy of her new belief that she was in control of her experience............Very Powerful!!!!

Do you see that? Can you imagine what was going through his head.............he probably had no idea why, but he just had the urge to stop...........that is how pwerful your feelings are!!!! Do not under estimate how what you are feeling in your body changes your experience...............So what was it about this parrticular incident that sparked this change? Well, to me it is very much like a spontaneous remision of cancer after Doctors tell a patient that there is nothing more that medicine can do to prevent their Cancer from spreading..................The shift from having your health be in the hands of somebody else, to "okay, so if I have only so much time left, this is how I'm going to spend it"..............You take back control of your experience, and by doing so allow your higher self to come through. Her higher self was the voice she heard................Like my higher self that usually starts with "hey Dumb Ass....." I love it being called Dumb Ass, its my trigger to pay attention..............and its never wrong!!!! spontaneous? I don't think so, If its your higher Self giving you guidance, how could that be spontaneous...............There are no random acts, you know!!

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