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Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you know exactly what you are at liberty to do, be or have?

I mean with without question or reservation, have you ever asked yourself that question let alone answered it?  The key word in the question is "Liberty"......Liberty identifies the condition in which an individual has the ability to act according to his or her own will.   Now, we all have the ability to act according to our own will.......but how often during the day do we?  Considering the fact that every moment is an opportunity to choose our actions, that can be a daunting task.  

Think about it, if you are only processing one billionth of the stimuli available to you in a given moment, and you are, and the determining factor of which one billionth you actually process out of the infinite amount of stimuli available to you is based upon your process that which supports what you already believe, and your beliefs are based upon your perceptions of past experience and knowledge learned, which could be wrong........what are the chances that you are acting according to your will?   I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, you likely have better chances in Las Vegas.........but hey, people win huge jackpots every year!!!

Okay, but there is really good news!!!  First, lets talk about will......I'm not talking about will power, or even free will......most people's notion of will is associated with dedication, or intestinal fortitude, or even motivation..........but if your operating from beliefs that may be wrong and are further supported by your interpretation of your every experience, that deliberate dedication, or motivation is being directed to efforts that are not necessarily congruent with your heart or soul.........which is why it is so important to know your self.  

If you do not go within, you go without!!!

Your heart is where your truth is and what I like to refer to as Divine Will.....the will that is aligned with your soul, and source......not contrived based upon external circumstances.......its where inspiration comes from, intuition as well............but not motivation.  Motivation is derived from reacting to external circumstances.........inspiration is never reactive, it is always proactive and your actions are easy and efficient when coming from inspiration.......actions from motivation are rarely easy and efficient.......that's why you hear phrases like "he is so motivated, look how hard he is working".

Inspiration comes from the heart based on unity and wholeness.......there is no greater power for us in the physical than the higher consciousness of the heart's knowing.  So how do we tap into this innate power more frequently.........well, stop doing and start spending more time being.  And what is doing?  The vast majority of the time its reacting based upon external circumstances.

For instance, a mother is getting ready for her day, which includes getting her four year old up, dressed, fed breakfast, and ready to go to pre-school.  Normally the four year old is pretty good and goes with the flow, and obviously this makes the mother feel good.  Occasionally, the four year old is just not cooperative and fights the mother's direction for him to be ready.  It just seems that everything the mother wants the child to do, he wants nothing to do the mothers natural reaction is frustration and perhaps a degree of stress.......who knows, but its not a good feeling for either the mother or the child and pretty soon the mother and the child are reacting to the other's actions.......and not in the most positive way.  To some degree we have all been in a similar situation, maybe even in both the child's and mother's role.

What would happen if the mother, had the inspiration, or more accurately tuned into the innate inspiration within her heart and went with it?  Rather than reacting, she chose to be proactive following her inspiration, and stopped what she was doing and saying, and showered the four year old with her love.  Just moved her feelings from frustration to the pure Love that she is, and began emanating her Love to her child.  

Okay, a number of things are taking place, one, she is taking the liberty to "be" what her essence is, pure positive Love.  She is living proactively rather than reactively.......which is not only much more natural, but much more effective in feeling life.  But, how difficult do you think it will be for the child to be in the presence of his mother's pure Love and continue to struggle and resist her?  One, she has stopped making requests of him.....she is just being her essence, pure Love, and two from a vibrational resonance standpoint, it is just going to get really weird for him to be frustrated and acting out in proximity to her Love.  He will either run out of the room or just drop his ill feelings and walk or run to be close to her.

What kind of day do you think the Mother and child will have after spending time in presence? Presence being the essence of who we are, pure positive Love demonstrated proactively experienced through inspiration.  Yeah, pretty freaking great!!!  Who knows what other inspiration she and the child might experience.

Be at liberty to be, do or have all that you are inspired to be, do or have.  Be proactive in interpreting your every moment as an opportunity for you to recreate yourself in the greatest version of yourself you have yet to even imagine..........Surprise yourself with just how good it can be, the possibilities are know that, right?

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