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Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's the vibrational essence of your thoughts?

You develop patterns of thought which cause you to offer patterns of vibration, which equal what you are living. What manifests is always an accurate reflection of the thoughts that you’ve been thinking. And so, hopefully you see how beneficial it is to think in terms of the vibrational essence of the thought that you are thinking.

If you are focused upon the absence of Well-Being in some area of your life, and you focus your attention on that, at some point you develop a vibrational essence; it’s where your thoughts easily go; it’s where your conversations easily turn; it’s just the way you feel about this or about that….…those practiced, conscious or unconscious, vibrations, then become your point of attraction. And what you’re getting matches that perfectly, every single time.

Your emotions are exact indicators that let you know what your vibrational resonance is. And your emotions feel the way they do because of two important vibrational factors: The factor of desire, which is the summoning power. And the factor of allowing— which is the letting, or the not letting what you’ve summoned to flow. So, the two factors that your emotions are always letting you know are: how focused the Energy is by virtue of your desire, and how your normal thoughts around the subject resonate or don’t resonate with that desire. Easier way to say it is, “what’s my attitude or what’s my mood about such-and-such?

For instance, “When I think about my body, do I love it? Am I grateful? Does it annoy me? Does it embarrass me? Do I praise it? Do I condemn it? Do I adore it? Do I compliment it? Do I criticize it?” In other words, what kinds of things do you say about your body?

When you think about money, do you feel joyful? Does the idea of money make you feel free? Do you feel eager and enthusiastic about money? Do you feel afraid when you think about money? Are you angry about money? Are you embarrassed about money? Do you dread even thinking about it? Are you worried about it, eager about it, happy about it? Notice the question was how you “Feel about Money”, not how you feel when you have it or don’t have it.  

If your like most people, what's most important is the feelings you associate with Money.  It’s not about having or not having something, it’s about the feeling you have about the notion of the thing, the energy of the thing.  Having it is the residual effect of having a feeling that is resonant with the thing.....(remember those people that always ask me "where's my stuff?....what is that thought resonant with?....yep, not having their stuff) other words, if you have positive feelings about the notion of money, your vibration is one of allowing, and more money will come to you...........and for God's sake, don't even think about how its going to come to you.......that's not a good place to be vibrationally for more money to come into your experience.  This is usually where some people say, "So if I just feel good, money will fall into my lap"?......In short, by being in a good place, having a good vibe going, essentially being in an allowing stance, your actions will then be inspired, and are congruent with recognizing a good opportunity, or any number of infinite possibilities for more money to come into your experience. 

When you think about the overall economy, are you grateful for the economy? Do you love it when someone else is abundant and prosperous? Are you jealous when someone is thriving? Do you feel happy for a friend that is succeeding? Do you feel unhappy about your not succeeding when you see your friends succeeding? Do you blame the government? Do you blame your job or the work you do? How do you feel?

You know that there are people that are hugely successful in the worst of times just like there are people that fail at everything in the best of times. Why? It’s how they feel about success or their potential, or their focus on the lack of whatever and the feeling associated with that lack.

All day, every day, you have opinions and attitudes. Most of them you didn’t even figure out on your own. You hung around or listened to somebody else who hung around or listened to somebody else who hung around or listened to somebody else… And often, you’ve developed an attitude or belief, a belief about money, a belief about relationships, a belief about your body, a belief about your job............a belief about what makes you happy, or what needs to take place in order for you to be happy.........and so how are those beliefs working for you?

If you are not sure what your vibrational essence is, that’s understandable because most people do not notice the emotional correlation between thoughts that just feel normal. In other words, you want to do what’s socially acceptable, so that you don't feel like an outcast. And you want to do what’s politically correct, because you don't want to be an outcast. And you want to do what your family expects of you, because you don’t want to let them down, and some people do what their religion says, because they don’t want to be disavowed or go to hell. So essentially, your concern is adapting in order to fit in, or in order to “not” be what “you don’t want”.

Most people, including you have been using standards or measures of success that are outside of them and that have no supportive basis for what they want. These norms, if you thought about it from an attraction standpoint, would have nothing to do with you determining your thoughts or opinions or attitudes, let alone your actions.........but you let them. So as this is taking place, what has happened is, you have developed an array (a quagmire really) of beliefs, some of which serve you and some that don't. But, most people feel powerless in what comes to them because they’ve been emanating this vibration (through their thoughts) and emanating that vibration, and emanating that vibration, and attracting more thoughts and beliefs of like vibration. Then, low and behold based upon attraction, they see evidence to support those same thoughts and beliefs. And so now, they find themselves wallowing in a bunch of beliefs that are not serving them.

Self fulfilling prophecy? Okay, or Universal Law, very exact, never wavering, always 100% accurate........Law of Attraction. How many times have you heard something like this...."They warned me about that, and sure enough, it happened.” Well, this is not a warning, this is the way it is: What anyone is living, our culture, our environment, our society, our city, our family, yourself, what anybody is living, the truth, or the evidence that you are producing is only the truth that manifests in response to the habit of thought and vibration that you put forth.

So, say you decided to join the "fight against Drugs", what is the truth in the fight?, where are you giving your energy? War on Terrorism? Okay, how is that working out? Noble and well intentioned as it appears, "The Race to find a Cure for Cancer" might work better if we just focused on well being and less on stress and chaos…….cancer would just not exist. All of these efforts are like saying, “There’s something out there that I do not want, but because somebody else created it in their experience and it became their truth, now I feel obligated to beat the drum of it, and make it my truth, too.” Fortunately, there are a variety of truths for you to pick from.

Fortunately, you are the creator of your own truth. No one can write a book, or start a movement, or organize a religion, or say, “These are the things that are important for you to do, and these are the things that you must not do,” and you have to believe it or buy into it, unless you choose to...........which so many of us do. You get to choose all of it. So use the Guidance System that is within you. How you feel about it and if does not feel good............For goodness sake, re-create yourself to the greatest version of yourself you have yet to imagine.

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