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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ponder this!!!

To think that we can direct our lives misses the essence of who we directing our lives, by definition does not allow for the life, the universal wisdom, universal creativity......who we are to manifest. By thinking we can direct our lives to gain success or happiness works to alleviate the universe embracing us and allowing our realities that will serve us best to manifest. Taking charge of our life, taking charge of a situation is what our culture, our economy, our government are dependent upon and expect. We react to life's circumstances and situations...........unwittingly, we believe that by taking charge and acting by design, that is how the best result will come about. The problem is that our "acting by design" is derived from our conditioning by society. "Should's and should not's" are based upon reacting to life's circumstances in a minimalist approach. Minimalist from the standpoint that we don't fully understand our own human nature, which for most people has not emerged as of yet.

Society professes "Be yourself within the prescribed assumption (society's belief) to become successful"..............which in itself is a contradiction. Success is different for everyone, you don't become successful, you are successful, that is the human nature that has yet to emerge for most people. If you believe you are one with the universe, and you align with the universe, life itself, you are success. When you believe that "hard work" or "acting by design" or "taking charge" contribute to your success, you have eliminated the opportunity for life to embrace are not allowing you to embrace yourself. You are not YOU, you are what you think you should be based upon some prescribed belief.

By necessity, if you are in control of your life and acting by design and applying a strong work have likely removed the opportunity for being embraced.........writers block is a perfect example. When writers are at their best, they release themselves to the universal wisdom and creativity that each of us has within ourselves. They release their talents..........they release the essence of who they are and who they are is manifested. What is manifested has always existed, it has always been real....(it's human nature) has been waiting for the individual to allow it to embrace them in the physical world. Writers block is really the universal wisdom and creativity being blocked by the need (incessant thought patterns) or want to create something............and the more time that goes by in the "block", the more the need grows, and on and on.

Releasing your talents is really allowing yourself to be embraced by what you naturally have the potential to be. The challenge is not realizing that by letting go, you become YOU. The challenge is overcoming the belief that letting go is irresponsible. Letting go does not mean you are not responsible in the meaning of achievement or that you become complacent...........its actually the opposite. By truly letting go and being YOU unimpeded by the should and should not's, you can't help but be responsible and anything but complacent..........that's when things happen. You don't need to know what you will do in certain situations, you do the right thing. You don't need to know what possible problems may arise, in the unlikely event that they do arise, you will know the best have access to the wisdom and knowledge and power that is you, that is the universe, that is life............that is when life gets really FUN!!!

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