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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Live your Soul, Not a Role!!!

Live you soul.....Not a Role!! Simple, not easy. Sit back and think about all the people you know, who stands out as living their Soul as opposed to living a role? How about you? Soul or Role?

One of my mentors got this point across to me with two questions;

1. Who is my true Self?
2. What is my work?

These two questions if looked at from an introspective perspective will shed light on whether you are living your Soul or a Role. I actually use the same exercise that I was given to accomplish this process to people I am working with. The interesting thing is that the vast majority of people when asked if they are at least somewhat self aware, answer yes!!

An even more interesting thing is that over 80% of the people that I give the exercise to, don't complete it. Granted, I tell them to set aside one and a half to two hours of uninterrupted time to complete the exercise, but 8 out 10 people don't complete the exercise.............and of the people that do complete it, 50% complete it as a cursory task and miss the intrinsic value of the exercise. I know this because when we meet to debrief, I dive into the answers they came up with and the moment that the intrinsic value is realized I can see it in their eyes. The role they play in life gives way to the Soul that is eternal. For the 50% that do realize the intrinsic value of the exercise there is not an opportunity to dive deeper into their answers, because they tell me about the moment when their Soul emerged while doing the exercise.

It's much like what Michelangelo described when he sculpted a piece of marble. The finished piece already exists, his job was to remove the excess marble that covered up the work of Art. Our Job is to remove the roles we play or the persona we feel we need to portray, or the ego we feel we need to impose upon others to protect us.........and allow our Soul and Spirit to emerge.

Our Soul and Spirit was never born and will never die, they are eternal and are connected with every other aspect of the physical and non-physical worlds. they are in this world when we allow them to be, but are not of this world. When living our Soul, life is aligned with us....when living a role, life tends to be a struggle and we experience resistance.

Think about the following current events happening in our world and if they are a result of Soul or Role:

1. 9/11....planes flying into buildings!!!
2. Death threats made to congressman over the health care bill vote.
3. The state of the economy.
4. The Haiti orphans being adopted by American families being expedited (from previous post).
5. Finding a penny and immediately moving back into alignment with life.

Be a Michelangelo, just remove your role (ie; get out of your head) and live your Soul.....the world needs more soul.

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