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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Love you so much....I don't care what you think!!!

Oooh!! That feels so good to say and reside in. If I cared what you thought and then changed because of what you thought of me.............where does that leave me? Well, inauthentic to begin with, but worse yet, in resistance to my true Self...........or out of alignment. Well, Fuck that!!!

I can see many people saying, thats kind of narcisistic, or that's so self centered or selfish. Yep!!! What is more important than your own well being? Nothing!!!

Maybe I can tone it down a bit. I care about you so much, and our relationship means so much to me that while I respect your opinions, I know compromising my own well being by conforming to your expectations is disrespectful to both you and I. When I am aligned with my true self and all that I hold dear to me, that is when our relationship is thriving. That is when I am at my best and when our relationship is at it's best.

Mainstream thinking does not value this approach..............but its easy to do, just go with how you feel. The next time someone tells you that they want you to do a certain thing or behave a certain way, just stop and see how it feels..............if there is the least bit of resistance (negative emotion) whatever you do, don't do it...........Just tell the person you respect their request, but your not going to comply because it does not feel right. Then, you will probably need to explain to the other person that by not complying, it does not mean you don't care about them......and it's actually the opposite.........You care about them so much and your relationship with them that you are going to insure you stay as aligned with your True Self as possible even if that means not caring whast they think!!!!

OMG WTF!!!! Seriously!!! There is nothing more important than your well being, Nothing!! To yourself and everyone that you interact with.........NOTHING!!!!

You can't hide from your thoughts, because they just keep showing up as your life.............So if you spend the vast majority of your time in a state of Joy or well being, what will show up?? A life that is delicious!!!

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