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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Relationship......Life is one big series of

Everything is about Relationship. Everything!!! No exceptions. So what is your relationship with this moment? Are you in harmony with the moment, or are you in discord or contradiction or resistance. Well, how do you feel?

More than a few people have asked me why it is that at the onset of a new relationship with someone, especially a romantic relationship, everything just seems to being flowing. You know, that feeling when the other person can do no wrong, everything is going well, you experience very little frustration, and you just feel GOOD!! And then there seems to be this point where that changes and you slip back into your normal groove. What happened?

First and foremost, understand that it's not the other person that has changed anything. As a matter of fact, it was not the other person doing anything that made you feel so good it was not!! It was you!!! And then at the moment that bliss changed back to your normal routine, that was you too!!! Make no mistake.......and give yourself a little credit!!!

Credit? Why would I deliberately move from Bliss to Blah.......even if I knew how, why would I do that? Habit!! Basing your relationship with life on false premises!!! Sloppy thinking!! All true. I have talked about habit in the past, no need to revisit that here. But, have not talked about false beliefs or premises enough, so here we go again!!

Here is a big one, A flawed belief that doe snot serve you in any positive way. #1. To be in Harmony and Bliss with another person, we have to want and believe the same things.

Seems like common sense, but it's not. Truth be told, to be in harmony and be in bliss with anything, you must have Harmony between YOU and you.......YOU, your true, ineffable, eternal YOU and you that is experiencing your physical life. Okay, so how do I do that?

Think about the beginning of a relationship when everything is going so well. It's nothing that the other person is doing that causes that, it's YOU!! Your True self, the ineffable, eternal YOU is pure positive energy. That YOU sees only positive aspects of everything, and in essence the other person that you think is making life so blissful, is actually just a catalyst for you being in harmony with your True Self. Put another way, You are not using the other person to disconnect or jump out of alignment with YOU. And you spend much more time in alignment with your true self appreciating positive aspects of everything. You are more creative, you have more energy, enthusiasm, you become solution oriented.......because the more positive thoughts that you have, the more are attracted to you. That is BIG, re-read it again!!!

So at that dreaded point when the relationship changes, you think it's the other person has changed, or they have done something that they are no longer deserving of your Love, or any number of other rationalizations to explain what happened. Truth be told, is that the relationship has changed, but its the relationship You have with YOU.......You moved out of alignment with your True Self and your not seeing the positive aspects of Life that you were seeing before.........and you start seeing the aspects of life that support what you (ego you, in a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment) already believe (and what if your beliefs are not accurate or do not serve you), relationships always turn out this way, or I'm not worthy, I don't deserve to be this happy, or relationships are drama and here it comes.......laugh, but you know it's true, stupid, but true!!

So, When You care so much about another person that You don't allow what they do or think to knock you out of alignment with your True Self, can you see a level of commitment that is rarely observed. There is nothing more important to you and everyone else for that matter, then your own well being.......because your well being is what allows you to expand and grow, which causes others to expand and grow........that is Life expanding through YOU, as YOU......and as You in the physical experience we refer to as our life.

So what is your relationship with YOU?? Are you seeing the positive aspects of everything? Or are you seeing what supports what you already believe?........It's your choice, choose well!!

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