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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Relationship......Try this out to see how easy it is to change one!!

So, everything is about relationship.....relationship with others, with yourself (most important one), with the present moment (big one too), so how do you change the habitual thinking you have about certain relationships?

Try this out. Think of two people. The first should be the person that for you is the easiest to be around, to love, to think of, to converse with.......they are just easy to be with. The second should be the person that for you is the most annoying person that you know, if you didn't have to, you would never spend anytime with them. They are difficult to love, to think of and just be around.

Okay, so you have the two people in mind, get a piece of paper and for the person that for you is easy to Love, write down all the positive aspects of that person. This will probably be easy and will be quick.....Good.

Then, for the person that is annoying and hard to Love, write down all the positive aspects of that person, and this may seem very difficult to do, but give it some thought and you will be able to come up with a list. Write them down.

Now that your done, did you observe or sense anything as you were doing this? If you really did this from an open place, you probably felt a palpable change in feelings especially about the second person. Why? because the True YOU, knows the annoying things the second person does.......check that, the True YOU knows that all the little insignificant things that your ego finds annoying is about your ego, much more than the other person.

Now, frequently when I do this with someone, they will say, "but it's true, they do those things", but they fail to see that the only reason they become part of their experience is because they allow them to. Don't care what anyone else thinks, or only about where your thoughts are, and how those thoughts make you feel.......There is nothing more important!!! That is being deliberate in managing the most important relationship of all.........the one between YOU and You.

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