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Friday, October 1, 2010

What would you create today if you expected it to happen?

What kind of question is that? One that challenges or at least makes you look at your model of beliefs. And why is that important? Because your model of beliefs creates what your reality is. What you believe is what you expect and what you expect influences very strongly what you are (the state you are in) and what you are is what is what you get.......what you are is what attracts your experience to you.

I had a gentlemen call me the other day and say that he had heard that I do life coaching and wondered if I would help him figure out what he was doing wrong with his life. I asked him why he thought he was doing something wrong and he told me that he was in bad health, his wife was in bad health, and a number of other scenarios that were not pleasant for him. Of course we are going to work together but it's not a case of doing something wrong in life when we are not getting what we want. It's always a case of a perspective that is not serving us.

Whenever I am coaching with another person, my single goal is to facilitate the individual to tap into their true self and true potential. That's what this blog is about and hopefully that comes through. And what is that true potential? It's infinite potentiality that is unlocked by our thoughts or closed off by our thoughts. And it only takes a change in perspective to unlock that potential.

Think about this. A Russian scientist conducted an experiment where he injected light photons into a chamber of complete vacuum. In other words, the photons were placed in an enclosed space without any influence and when he measured the photon disbursement they were completely random in their location as was expected. He then injected human DNA into the chamber with the photons and when he measured the disbursement of photons again, they had moved into an ordered pattern. The DNA influenced the randomness of the photons to become an orderly pattern.

And what is the building block of Human existence? DNA!! Is it really that much of a stretch to look at DNA as the manner in which the divine infinite source of all that is makes itself physical from the non physical? And is it really that much of a stretch to think that our individual DNA that makes up our physical body is part of that divine infinite source? Of course not, but how often do we eliminate that as a possibility with our limited beliefs about how life works? Indeed, too often.

So back to the title of this post, what would you do today if you expected that thing to happen? What would you do today if you knew that you could accomplish it like you know the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning? Expectation is an inner state and is not discerning about what it will create so be deliberate in what you expect! Expect remarkable and you will get remarkable, expect what you got today and yep, that's what you will get.

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